Rabu, 6 Oktober 2010

majlis kahwin beruk n pengguin

sejak akhir-akhir ini, rasa agak boring. so pencari demi pencari aku teruskan, aku temui satu berita yang menarik di sini . cubalah baca dan terjemah sendiri.

Wildlife weddings

Wanxing (left) and Yang Yang holding hands as they walk to the wedding party

Two special wedding ceremonies were held this week for a chimpanzee couple and four pairs of penguins in China.

This first was organised on Wednesday for superstar chimpanzee Wanxing at Hefei Wildlife Park in Anhui Province.

Wanxing cycling to meet Yang Yang on their wedding day

It was an international marriage for Wanxing and her husband Yang Yang, four.

Wanxing - a name which means the star of Anhui - was the first chimpanzee born in the Province in 2004, while Yang Yang came from Guinea, a country in west Africa, a year ago.

Dressed in her brand new wedding gown, Wanxing left her home to meet Yang Yang on her bicycle.

As she arrived, she held Yang Yang's hands and both of them then walked on the red carpet to the venue of the wedding ceremony.

They then participated in the tea ceremony just like a traditional Chinese wedding.

Wanxing also kissed Yang Yang a few times before the couple were sent to their new home.

The penguins enjoying at their wedding party (Photo: Xinhua)

In another city in China, a mass wedding was held for four pairs of penguins at Dalian Sun Asia Polar Ocean Park in Liaoning Province on Friday.

The couples held 'hands' and walked down the aisle with the female penguins wearing wedding gowns while the males ijust wore bowties since they already looked like they were wearing tuxedos in their natural state.

They were then sent to their respective 'love' houses.

All of the penguins were born at the ocean park.

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